Our work

This section gives more information about the day-to-day work of our project. All the information we produce is available in the Patient information section and our work plans give more detail about the work we undertake each year.

How we develop information

Requests for new information  may come from the Scottish Government Health Directorates - for example, in 2007 we were asked to develop information about NHS services overseas visitors can expect to access when they are in Scotland (this information is available in the Health care for overseas visitors section). We also receive suggestions for new work through our yearly work plan scoping.

When considering whether new information is needed, we carry out a scoping exercise. You can find out more about this in the Scoping reports section.

As we develop new information, we test this with the target audience to make sure it meets their needs. You can read the outcome of such studies in the User-testing reports section.

We provide our information in a number of languages and formats to make sure it is accessible to as many people as possible. Our alternative formats policy explains how we do this.

How we assess the quality of our work

We believe that it is important for the quality of our work to be evaluated. You can see how we have done this in the Evaluation reports section.

How our information gets to patients

A network of NHS board contacts disseminate HRIS information in their area. In the Other reports section, you can find out about discussions we had we our NHS board contacts in 2010, see how our information is used by the NHS and whether it easy for patients to find this. 

Page last edited: 14 October 2011