Confidentiality and health records information

We have been busy revising our leaflets about confidentiality (Confidentiality - it's your right and Confidentiality - your rights), How to see your Health Records and How the NHS protects your personal health information (a flyer with local contact details). 

Key stakeholders have been involved in this revision and updated drafts have been reviewed by the Plain Language Commission. The information is currently being checked for legal accuracy.

Once this verification has been completed, and the information has been signed off by the Scottish Government, we will publish the revised leaflets. These will also be available as A4 factsheets. It is hoped that this format will help minimise production costs for the boards.

The intention is for the revised leaflets and flyer to be available in March.

For more information about this work email Brigitte.

(News article published: 28 February 2012) 

Page last edited: 17 December 2014