Links to producing patient information

You can find more detailed guidance on producing patient information in the Professionals section of our site. 

General guidance

Community Health Partnerships (template and guidance)
Health Rights Information Scotland was commissioned in 2004 to prepare a national template for local services to be developed and used by each CHP. Details were launched in a letter to NHS board chief executives in March 2005. This site provides full details of the guidance, template, and covering letter.

Consumer Health Informatics Network Scotland (CHINS)
An information source for those interested in the use of IT in the development of consumer health information across Scotland.

Draft guide to the production and provision of information about health and healthcare interventions
Draft guide, produced by the Scottish Executive Directorate of Health and Wellbeing, which focuses on quality of information content.

John Birdsall Social Issues Photo Library
Most of the photos on our website (excluding the staff photos) were taken by John Birdsall.

John Birdsall Social Issues Photo Library is the foremost social documentary library in the UK specialising in model released pictures that reflect multiracial and multicultural Britain today. Categories include children, disability, education, environment, families, health, housing, older people, young people, and work. From 1 January 2009, PA Photos distribute pictures from the John Birdsall Social Issues Photo Library.

NHS Identity - patient information guidelines
The NHS has developed a toolkit which includes guidance on how to produce written information for patients and a series of templates. It has been designed to make it easier for the NHS to produce good quality information for patients and assess how it is used.

NHS Scotland identikit
NHSScotland guidelines to create a single identity that makes sure there is consistency across all NHSScotland communications and activities.

Patient Information Forum (PiF)
The Patient Information Forum is an independent group united by a common purpose – the development, production, and dissemination of high-quality information for patients, carers, and their families.

Picker Institute
Picker Institute Europe has published a wide range of materials to promote understanding of the patient's perspective at all levels of healthcare policy and practice.

Improving quality

Discern (quality criteria for consumer health information)
DISCERN provides users with a valid and reliable way of assessing the quality of written information on treatment choices for a health problem.

PIF quality tools listing
Lists evaluation tools and guidelines for producing and using patient information

PIF guide to appraising health information
This 2010 guide to appraising health information is about assessing the quality of information, and the processes used to develop it. The guide is for people and organisations that produce health information for patients and the public.  It can be used by any size of organisation, in any sector.

Plain English Campaign
An independent organisation fighting against jargon, gobbledygook and other confusing language, while promoting crystal-clear language.

Plain Language Commission
Provides accreditation for plain language, in a similar way as the Plain English Campaign.

Accessibility guidance

Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland
Opened on 1 October 2007, this new commission brings together the work of the three previous equality commissions - the Equal Opportunities Commission,  the Commission for Racial Equality, and the Disability Rights Commission. It also takes on responsibility for the other aspects of equality: age, sexual orientation and religion or belief, as well as human rights.

Equality And Diversity Impact Assessment Toolkit
This toolkit is designed to improve the way in which the Scottish Government Health Directorates and NHS Boards develop their policies and functions by ensuring that they reflect the current equality and diversity legislative framework.

Happy to translate
This site gives information about the “Happy to Translate” logo, which is hoped will be a key tool in providing Black and Minority Ethnic communities with equal access to information and services.

Making written information easier to understand for people with learning disabilities (DoH)
Revised guidance for 2010 by the Department of Health. Aimed at people who commission or produce easy read information.

National Information Forum
A voluntary organisation committed to encouraging the provision of accessible information, by every means possible, for disabled people, asylum seekers, refugees and anyone else disadvantaged in gaining access to information.

Scottish Accessible Information Forum (SAiF)
SAiF works to improve accessible information for disabled people by producing and promoting standards and guidelines.

See it Right guidelines (RNIB)
Guidelines, produced by Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) giving practical advice on designing, producing and planning for accessible information.

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