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What are my rights? 

As well as your right to confidentiality, you have the following rights.

Your right to know

You have a right to know how your personal health information is used. You can ask a member of NHS staff providing your care.

Your right to see

You have a right to see your health records and, if you choose, to get a copy. Wherever possible, you should be given your health records in a format that meets your needs. The information in the section 'How to see your health records' explains how to do this.

Your right to object

If you don't want your health information to be used or shared, tell a member of NHS staff providing your care. If you do this, the NHS has to limit how it uses your information where possible.

Your right to complain

If you are unhappy about how your health information has been used or protected, first talk to a member of NHS staff involved in your care. If you are still unhappy and would like to make a complaint, information in the section 'Making a complaint about the NHS' explains what to do.

Page last edited: 05 July 2013