information in british sign language format  Confidentiality - it's your right

British Sign Language (BSL) version

This section contains the British Sign Language version of our leaflet 'Confidentiality - it's your right'. This tells you how the NHS protects your personal health information.

Use the links below to view each section and select either QuickTime (MOV) or Windows (WMV) format. You can also read the text the text of the leaflet Confidentiality - it's your right. It is available from the Information about health rights section.

  1. Introduction MOV | WMV
  2. What is this leaflet about? MOV | WMV
  3. Personal health information MOV | WMV
  4. How is my personal health information used? MOV | WMV
  5. What are my rights MOV | WMV
  6. What can I do to help the NHS?  MOV | WMV
  7. How to find out more MOV | WMV
  8. Information about health rights MOV | WMV
  9. Your comments please MOV | WMV
  10. Production information MOV | WMV

Page last edited: 05 July 2013