Updated version of complaints leaflet is now available

 We have now completed an interim revision of the national leaflet ‘Making a complaint about the NHS’. This revision reflects the transfer of prisoner healthcare complaints to the NHS, as from 1st November. HRIS has also revised the fourteen local board versions of the leaflet to take into account changes in contact details.

The revised information is available as an A5 leaflet, A4 downloadable factsheet, an easy to read version, an audio version in English and a large print version. It can be accessed from the Patient Information section of this website.

The leaflet will shortly be available in BSL, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Hindi, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

It is intended to revise the leaflet more thoroughly in Spring 2012.

Any questions about this work please contact Sheila

(News article published: 31 October 2011) 

Page last edited: 17 December 2014